Why Vibrance festival is important

Initiated by Creative Unity Ireland, Vibrance festival aims to bring people from all walks of life together in a space which facilitates celebration of all cultures and nationalities. Through creating safe spaces for conversation we hope to raise awareness of the extremely flawed asylum system in Ireland, Direct Provision. Today there are over 6000 people living in Direct Provision centres around the country. The most pressing problem is the amount of time people spend waiting for their applications to be processed, which can take up to 12 years. The majority of people are living in cramped conditions often sharing rooms with strangers. They cannot cook for themselves and often have very little access to pubic transport. Until 2018 people in Direct Provision were not allowed to work, and while this has changed it is still extremely difficult to get permission to work and job oppurtunities are limited.

Many of the people involved in this festival are living in or have lived in the Direct Provision system. Our hope is to offer everybody an oppurtunity to feel empowered by their culture. We hope to spark conversations and hopefully raise awareness of the injustices of Direct Provision. Awareness sparks change and hopefully at Vibrance festival 2021, and the Vibrance events which follow, we will celebrate the change we have caused by working together.
The creators of Vibrance

Creative Unity Ireland creates opportunities for people to meet, collaborate and inspire each other though creative expression. Creative Unity Ireland supports everybody with a specific focus on those living in Direct Provision, and those without financial security, offering them the means to express themselves through their culture and through art.

Most importantly CUI are not a charity, rather an advocacy group supporting and encouraging creativity, using creation as a tool to spread awareness and start converstations.

With system issues like Direct Provision it’s easy to feel powerless, but you have the ability to make a crucial difference to someone elses life. We’ve curated a list of things you can do now to help people living in Direct Provision.

Get involved with your local refugee solidarity group. A quick google search can help you find a group in your area.

Non-monetary donations. There are many organizations looking for donations for things such as schoolbooks, bicycles, feminine hygene products, instruments, phones etc.

Support the Campaign to End Direct Provision (#EndDP) and support refugees already in Ireland. Attend strikes, help to promote the movement through social media.

Socialise with refugees and asylum seekers, make friends and become part of the solution.

Stay Informed! Debunk myths about the refugee crisis and have your facts correct. Keep an eye on Direct Provision related stories in the news.